Prayer for Art of Marriage

Felt very convicted this morning . . . need two things . . . first, pray for Peggy and I, Christopher Masters and Nichole Masters, and Glory Ross as we head back up to South Dakota (Canton, SD) this weekend to host an Art of Marriage weekend at a church there.  Next, for those men who think they are doing a good job as a husband or father . . . why don’t you take your own assessment today and ask your family how you are doing as a leader in your household.  I challenge you to ask that question, and pray that you will and want to know how you can deal with their perspective.  If it’s negative, how are you going to work on changing yourself?   If it’s positive, how are you going to improve upon it and also work at modeling those behaviors for other men to step up and follow you?    If you need assistance in either of those areas, go see the movie Courageous.   Never forget to dance.

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