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Pearl Girls Encountering Grit, Experiencing Grace compiled by Margaret McSweeney and others

Good News for Those Trying Harder by Alan Kraft


Listed below are some of the better books we have read – not all of them we’ve seen qualify for our endorsement!  Simply click on any title below for a brief synopsis of the book.

Books to Strengthen Relationships

We all respond to actions differently; did you realize that there are five completely different ways to show and receive love?  This book explains how to fill your spouse’s “love tank” by acting within his or her particular language of love.  It also explain why some of the things you have been doing may not be working the way you would expect.

This book explores the basic need of a man to be respected and of a woman to be loved.  In it, Dr. Eggerichs offers practical advice and specific tips to fill the deepest need that your spouse has.  There is a workbook available to accompany it for personal or small group study.

If you are ready to explore the real roles of men and women in marriage, this book is for you.  If you want a marriage in which fairness, justice, respect, and support operate equally between you and your partner, it’s time to rock the roles and discover God’s timeless design for marriage.

Many people weren’t taught as children how to apologize effectively.  This book addresses the five different approaches to apology that exist and offers practical advice on how to implement them in a variety of situations.  Similarly to his Love Languages book, Chapman and Thomas propose that each person internalizes apologies differently; therefore, to be heard and felt, the apology must be made in the hearer’s “language”.

In Fight Fair you will develop a personal plan for handling conflict, identify personal fouls, discover tools and methods for productive conflict, and learn how to use conflict to build intimacy.  Your marriage can becme richer and stronger than ever – once you’ve learned to fight fair!

Books about Family Matters

In our fast-paced world of instant gratification, it is easy to forget that some things are better when built over time.  This book offers practical strategies for building a blended family slow-cooker style so that the “flavor” of each individual can be savored and enjoyed.

This book offers an honest look at your teen’s perceptions.  It also provides specific tips and strategies to use to help you understand and relate to your teen during these turbulent years.

 This book helps guide you through the process of healing.

Books for Men

This book give men insight into women and how they think and respond.  This book helps to unlock they mysterious ways of women.

This book offers insights and strategies to hlep men overcome sexual temptation.  It present a plan for any man to acquire sexual purity.

Raising a Modern-Day Knight will show you how to guide your son to become a biblical man in our world today.

Discover God’s plan for manhood: vigilance, staying power, and cosideration for others.

Books for Women

This book explores how a woman in the 21st century can live her life the way God designed her.  It includes specific information for each season of a woman’s life with practical ways to filter society’s expectations.
This book gives women an insight into men and how they think and respond.  It is very beneficial for anyone who is seeking to get a peek inside of the male mind.  If you want to understand your husband, this one is a must-read!
What does it mean to be a real woman?  “Being a real woman is believing and acting o the truth that we have been set apart for a special job by Jesus Christ our Creator and Savior, who was himself born of a woman.  When we accept God’s authority over us, we discover what it means to be a woman,” says Jones.
This book leads the reader through the process of creating a life plan based on the seven principles of the Proverbs 31 woman: holding Jesus as Lord of her life, respecting her husband as head of the household, nurturing her children, being the keeper of the home, contributing financially through good stewardship, reaching out to support other women, and helping with the needs of the community.
How can we understand the balance of culture, history, and the Bible when it comes to our role as women in the present day?  Carolyn McCulley explores the Biblical truths of what it means to be a woman.  These truths are contrasted with the current societal views on feminism.
Have you ever felt like you were coming apart at the seams?  We all have!  Lysa leads us through exploring the emotions behind those explosions we all have and shows us how we can make “imperfect progress” toward being the woman God has called us to be.

Books for Spiritual Growth

Using Romans chapter 12 as a basis, Chip Ingram explores how we can live our lives to reflect the original components of being a Christ-one.  Group study materials are also available with this book.  If you’re ready to learn what it means to be Jesus’s disciple, this is the place to dive in!
What if you only had one month to live?  What would you change?  How would you prioritize your days?  This book focuses on answering those questions by looking at how to live passionately, love complete, learn humbly, and leave boldly.  Group or individual study materials are available for this book.
This companion book to One Month to Live explores how to deepen the four most significant relationships in your life.  During this one month plan, you can improve your most important bonds through activities and daily reading plans.  It is the stand of the book that the last time you meet with someone should always be the best time you’ve met with them.  Relationships are always either growing or dying; it is crucial to be intentional with your time and efforts to nurture them.
This book takes an honest look at the serious implications of sexual abuse and the process involved in healing from it.  Sexual abuse is so prevalent in our society, that it is unlikely that you don’t know someone struggling with the damage associated with it.  This book is designed to help people work through the issues surrounding abuse.


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