What were the most important things you learned?

How much God is involved with us in every aspect of making a marriage work and how I want to try with my all to do this the way God wants it to be.


That my spouse is a gift from God. Forgiveness is necessary for any marriage to succeed.


Changing my motivation really in my heart not to please myself, not to please my hubby, but to please God.


Problems are not her fault and not mine they are ours. The only way to make them better is by making God our central focus and through him focusing on each other.


How to open up to each other and letting God into our relationship where He can bless it.


How important it is to have good communication. This seminar gave my husband and I a lot of things to think about and ideas on how we can put the other first.


Communication communication communication. And continue to keep God first and all will work out. Leave a legacy.


Each section taught me something I didn’t know and needed to hear.

Would you invite someone?

The lessons are invaluable for ANY marriage.


This hits on all aspects of marriage and is good for everyone.


I have benefited from this and hope others can grow like I have the last two days.


I know several marriages in my age group are struggling and need guidance from God.


This was one of the most helpful, beautiful tools for marriage and encouragement that I have ever experienced or seen.


It gives good tools to enrich your marriage and truly have a marriage like God intended.


It is so important to continuously work on marriage because Satan is always at work against us.


I would recommend it to others as well as engaged couples.


I believe it will be beneficial to all married couples.


It’s a great combination of teaching and testimonies and it also is a great intro to a need for a Savior that might not happen because of peoples hesitance to enter church for any other reason.


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