Art of Marriage

The Art of Marriage is one of the latest products designed by FamilyLifeFamilyLife is a powerful catalyst for today’s families. By offering biblical approaches to real-world challenges faced by people everyday, FamilyLife helps families become stronger and grounded.

The Art of Marriage consists of six video sessions and an accompanying manual that provides couples with projects to help apply the principles taught during each session. The manual is also designed for couples to continue to use after the event by offering articles, date night ideas, and useful tips for continuing to strengthen their marriage.

The Art of Marriage brings together some of the most respected and influential pastors and experts on marriage and family all in one setting. It also brings a fresh approach to a video event by weaving together some of the following elements to help couples fully experience God’s design for marriage:

  • engaging stories
  • real-life testimonies
  • man-on-the-street interviews
  • humorous vignettes

(Descriptions taken from the Art of Marriage and FamilyLife web sites.  All rights reserved.)


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